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Great concept

The game is very attractive and has some depth for the quite simple movement mechanics.

But being so simple, the movement introduced limitations to the game and applicable strategies. If you played the right tricks at the start, by the tenth turn you should have a stable territory and a province or ally.
Then you're left with slowly pressing the rest of the field for ten or twenty turns - depends on AI difficulty. In hard mode (which takes me ~32 turns), the side of origin is covered in tank units (if you bother moving them out of cities).

Something like a train as Leafsnail suggested to connect four cities along the sides of the map, where if you capture two connected cities, you can move a unit between them in one turn. This would help end the game faster and add a bit of strategic edge by adding value to special cities, and is not too hard to add for AI to consider if it is written as I think it is.

A note on docks, their placement seems to be a bit unstable. One dock per five tiles along the same water border could work better.

...I think that's everything.
I'd be interested in reading about how some of the incredibly complex computations were implemented. ;D

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Pretty addictive

A time scoreboard would be good too if it wasn't so hard already. Awesome.

I spotted that with circles that move fast it's possible to find a position that doesn't register the intersection as the circle movestep is too large.

The square and everything are a bit small, might want to upscale those if you do another one. With powerups!


But man, you should have made Toast script better, he can! The whole game ran pretty laggy for me and it got hard to control in a while.

And I can't believe I'm not in the credits for giving Toast advice! >=(

Edvin responds:

Heh, thanks for the fiffen gusty, and nah, I think it was scripted quite well. (my brother says he likes the gravity. :D) It's very weird it lags for a lot of people but not for me though I have a really crappy computer.

By the way, what advice are you talking about? :S
- Toast

Neither best nor simplest

The best way is to make the maze a MC with obstacles as graphics (or MCs if they're supposed to react) in it. Buttons should never be used as something else. Make part 2 quick!
P.S. I know how you feel with a brother like that.

Off my favs you go!

If the previous parts were enough to make up to the shitty aiming thingy, this isn't. You could take the effort to make W the jumping key as well as the hanging key, yknow. The screen should scroll with you, because now I left my flash pointer clicked at headshot height for a few minutes now. 2k kills, all we need now is highscores.

Reminds me of WC3 Editor!

That's really something! I used to funk round with it earlier. Anyway, good luck! Isn't much now, I don't think someone could give much more feedback. I didn't hear any music, although, no thanks to Craig Tinsley!


It's the 'pointless humor', but for some reason not funny. Maybe coz the game sucks, hmm? Do take the 3 mins to make him able to jump and fire the same time. Also, the poor greeney looks like he'd crapped his pants. The hitTests are LAME, I couldn't (didn't wanna) get past level 2 even, mostly the bowling ball and the shot.

Half a year...

It's certainly very good, but not to pay for. You'd get more cash from NG with the full version, I guess. To get those 6 months back, improve such things: use a semi-transparent gradient fill over the road, then script the height of it so it'd match with the road, that'd look much better. Juicy flights off the road are missed! I'm guessing you used an Array to generate the track, right? Then you could put a map editor in easily. Also, the bypassing stuff could have various x positions (with goto, not _x), and those more varied, too. And the classic bike jumps! O well, got carried away.

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I don't care if it's a copy of Elasto Mania or something, coz it's the first game I'd rather not try to remake. The dynamics are quite realistic! The wheel adherence could be better, else there's some trouble getting up steep hills. Also, you should bend stuff instead of edgy climbs.


Did you even do bug testing? I played 2 mins till the boss and I found a few bugs. You can use stuff while its invisible: platforms, exits (for the boss), after the boss Mario didn't move or jump. Sometimes platforms are too tight together so to get on a higher one I jumped on its edgeor something. Also, I noticed its better going left first to get a shroom or the ON thingy.

Graaargh sunlight!

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